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Burgess Music Studio

My name is Laura Burgess. I am a viola and violin teacher with 20 years of experience. I teach remotely and in my studio in Revere, MA.

My style is collaborative and focused on building on student strengths to meet student goals.

I enjoy helping students of every age and ability. Classical is my main area but I love all music and will help you learn pieces of any style.

My Bachelor’s of Music Performance is from New England Conservatory and my Masters of Music Education is from The Boston Conservatory. My mentors there were Patricia McCarty and Magdalena Richter who guided me toward Suzuki Teacher Training. 

Se habla español.

Eu falo português.

About my studio


About my approach to Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method originated in Japan and was brought to the United States around 50 years ago. Using daily listening and treating music as an auditory-first art form, the Suzuki method builds understanding much the way children acquire language. The repertoire is sequential and prepares the player for future technical challenges, so reviewing known works is important. Although reading is delayed until playing is established, I teach all my students to read music when they are ready.

For children, a parent or family member forms a side of the teaching triangle with the teacher. Both work together to support the student’s development.


Please email or text me to set up a lesson or ask a question.

Laura Burgess



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